Energy meters
Single-phase meters
Three-phase meters

Single-phase, multi-tariff

- replaceable interface modules to achieve the best flexibility in data collection network structure
  • Optical port and RS485 in all models
  • Optional digital interface in a replaceable module:
    RS-485, GSM/GPRS, PLC-II
  • Operation to increase indications for incorrect connection of current circuits (modulus summation)
  • Switching tariff zones from the internal clock or an external voltage
  • Multifunctional galvanically isolated pulse output
  • Self-diagnostics with error indication
  • Built-in relay with the commutation current 60A or 100A
  • Meter case intrusion registration independently of presence or absence of power line
  • Magnetic field impact registration
  • LCD backlight
  • Data display on the LCD without connection to the mains
Compliance: IEC 62053-22, IEC 62053-23 The “Inkotex” holding manufacturing is certified accorting to the quality international standards ISO9001:2000. International certificate IQNet № RU 00407


The multifunctional electric energy meter “INCOTEX 203” is intended for metering of active and reactive electrical energy and power in single-phase 2-wired AC mains with the possibility of zone tariff metering, longtime storage and transmission of collected information to information collection centers over digital interface wire or wireless communication channels.


  • Energy Measurement
    The meter measures and records of active and reactive energy with precision class 1,0 and  2,0 respectively  in one- or multi-tariff mode. Reactive energy measurement is made in each quadrant  

  • Measurement in Magnitude
  • Regardless of input current circuit connection the unidirectional meter always measure active energy consumption with power increment using the formula Р=IРI, i.e. without taking into account the current direction. This function allows to prevent the possibility of theft of electric energy through phasing disturbance of meter current circuit connections.

  • Metering of Energy Losses
    Besides the commercial metering of the consumed electric power the meter can calculate losses in the power transformer and electric power lines. As the initial information to calculate the losses the power transformer and electric power line ratings are used that are measured experimentally.

  • Mains Parameter Measurement
  • The meter measures, displays on its LCD and transfers by its interfaces the instantaneous values of the mains parameters, such as the current, voltage, frequency and other parameters.

  • Average Power Measurement
  • The meter generates two cyclic profiles of average powers with independent power averaging times. Averaging is possible in the programmable time intervals from 1 to 60 minutes.  With the 30 minute averaging interval the data are stored 170 days till its overwriting).  

  • Maximum Power Registration
  • According to the main profile of the power counter determines the maximum value of load power achieved in the current month and stores these values in the period of 12 months . There are three types of power peaks: morning and evening, tariff, the cumulative. Morning and evening maximum demand recorded on two pre-defined, arbitrary daily intervals, Tariff peaks are defined in the area of the current tariffs. Cumulative highs summarize the maximum demand for the previous months .

  • Daily Section Archive
  • The meter generates the archive of daily metered active and reactive energy values.  Daily sections are accessible for every day from the recent 4 months.

  • Monthly Section Archive
  • The meter generates the archive of monthly metered active and reactive energy values.  Monthly sections are accessible for every month from the recent 36 months.

  • Event Logs
  • During its operation the meter is writing several log files where date and time are registered for different events related with the meter operation both for its normal mode and for different attempts of unauthorized access to the meter.

  •  Mains Monitoring with Emergency Registration (Power Quality Indices Log)
  • For user that are critically sensitive to electric energy quality the meter generates power quality indices log where it write date and time of the events when the phase voltages and frequency were outside the bounds of normal and maximum allowable values.

  • Consumer Load Control
  • The function of electric power limitation for a consumer is implemented in the meter using built-in power-cut relay. Two operation algorithms are implemented, manual and automatic. In the first case the command to turn off the consumer is input into the meter by the upper level software. In the second case the meter itself tracks exceeding of the set limits and gives a command for an internal or external power-cut device.
  • Data Remote Transfer
  • Due to its wide set of digital interfaces the meter “INCOTEX 203” supports many data transmission technologies both wired and wireless communication channels including data transmission through 230V electrical mains. Any meter of the series has a optical port and a network interface RS-485.

  • GSM Gateway Function
  • The meter with a GSM/GPRS modem unit may be used as the GSM gateway to access the other INCOTEX meters connected to this one through the RS485 interface).


Data displayed on LCD:
  • Consumed active and reactive energy for each tariff and total for all tariffs on the accumulation basis with the hundredths’ accuracy, kW*h and kVar*h;
  • The same for: current and previous day, current and 11 previous months, current and previous year;
  • Phase voltage and amperage;
  • Morning and evening peak values of active & reactive power in the current and three previous months;
  • Power factor;
  • Network frequency;
  • THD;
  • Current time and date;
  • Temperature inside the meter;
  • Date and time when the top and terminal covers are unsealed, last reprogramming;
  • Failure code.


Electric Data Values
Active\reactive energy measurement
accuracy class

Nominal voltage, V 230(240)
Set range of operating voltages (Unom=230V), V
Extended range of operating voltages, V
Maximum operating voltage range, V

Rated (max) current, А 5(60); 5(100);10(100)
Max. Current within 10ms, А
  - for Ibase=5А
  - for Ibase=10А


Starting current (sensitivity), А
  - for Ibase=5А
  - for Ibase=10А

Mains frequency, Hz 49…51
Active/total power consumption by each parallel meter circuit, W/VА, not over 1,0 / 9,0
Additional active/apparent power consumption of the GSM/RS485 module, W/VA 4 / 5
Additional active/apparent power consumption of the RS485 module, W/VA 1 / 1,5
Additional active/apparent power consumption of the PLC module, W/VA 1,5/24,0
Rate-fixer Parameters  
Number of tariffs Max 4
Number of tariff intervals a day 16
Minimum tariff interval duration, min 1
Seasonal timetable number in a year 12
Archive Parameters  
Energy daily section storage depth, days 120
Energy monthly section storage depth, months 36
Load (power) profile archive number 2
Power averaging interval duration Tav., min 1 to 60 (step 1 min.)
Average power storage depth with Tav=30 min, days 170
Storage depth of monthly power maximums, months 12
Built-in Clock Parameters  
Clock rate precision at t=20±5 °C, s/day-night ± 0,5
Pulse Output Parameters  
Galvanically isolated pulse output number 1
Meter constant in the telemetry/verification mode, imp/kW, imp/kVar:
  - for Ibase(max)=5(60)А
  - for Ibase(max)=10(100)А

Maximum allowed pulse output voltage, V 24
Maximum allowed value of pulse output circuit current, mA 30
Digital Interface Parameters  
Built-in digital interfaces Optical port, RS485
Digital interfaces in additional cards RS485, GSM/GPRS, PLC
Exchange rate through the optical port, bit/s 9600
Exchange rate through RS485\CAN, bit/s 300 – 115200
Exchange rate through GSM, bit/s 9600
Built-in Relay Parameters  
Maximum load switched current of the built-in relay, A
  - for Ibase=5А
  - for Ibase=10А

Protection Characteristics  
Electronic seal number 2
Magnetic field impact sensor yes
Password protection level number to access digital interfaces 2
Hardware protection of metrological coefficient memory yes
Voltage or current disappearance registration yes
Overcurrent registration yes
Meter self-diagnostics yes
Mass and Dimensions  
Mass, max, kg 0,95
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 210*150*73
Reliability characteristics  
Interval between verifications, years 16
MTBF; mean time between failures, hours 220000
Life duration, years, minimum 30
LCD digits, kWh or kVar*h 8 (XXXXXX,хх)
Auxiliary parameter (U, I, P, cos, etc.) integration period, s 1
Voltage switching rates, V 230
Enclosure protection degree IP 51
Operating temperature range, °С от – 45 до + 75


INCOTEX 203.2T R(F,C,L,G,S)Z K(O) B H Fn

INCOTEX – Trademark
203 - meter series
2 - LSD
Т- Internal rate-fixer for 4 tariffs
R(F,C,L,G,) - interface:
R - RS485 interface
F - radio modem
C- CAN interface
L- PLC modem
G- GSM/GPRS modem
S- Smart card

Z - switching tariffs of external control voltage,
      Power quality indices log for 2 parameters,
      Extended event log
К(O)- Power-cut relay
К- output for disconnecting the load
О-the relay inside the meter
B- LCD backlight
H- two of the current sensor
B- internal radio modem (n-type)
Note: Absence of any symbol in the meter code indicates absence of the corresponding function or interface

Outline drawing:

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