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Single-phase, multi-tariff


INCOTEX 203 TKREH is a multi-functional single-phase prepayment energy meter, keypad-based, with accuracy class 1.0 or 2.0, intended to register active energy and power in two-wire network for AC voltage of 230 V and frequency of 50 Hz.

INCOTEX 203 TKREH energy meters have an integrated RS485 interface and can be operated both independently and jointly in the automated systems for electricity monitoring and reporting.


  • Keypad customer interface with audible feedback when input the digit
  • Credit is transferred using 20 digit token entered on the keypad
  • The credit is transferred in kWh
  • Recall of last 50 tokens entered
  • Programmable software power limit
  • Tamper detection circuit and event record
  • Significant Reverse Energy (SRE) detection
  • Optical interface according to IEC 62056-21 designed for reading the meter readings at full service operator access and parameterization of all parameters using optical magnetic head of a specialized portable handheld terminal or a computer of the service provider
  • Digital interface RS485 with galvanic optoelectronic outcome is intended for remote reading of electricity meters data and for overall parameterization
  • Built-in 100A latch relay for disconnecting and re-connecting of the load
  • Customer Displayed Information
    • Available credit
    • Latch status indicator icon
    • Low credit
    • Token accept/reject/old/used
    • Cumulative energy register
    • Instant values of active power, total power, voltage, frequency, cos ? and ?
    • The current time in the format: hour, minute, second
    • Maximum power limit
    • LED alarm
  • Introduction of short codes
  • Mechanically sealed against tampering

Technical Characteristics:

  • Meter format: Single-Phase, 2-wire, direct connected prepayment meter
  • Compatible network(s): Single-Phase, 2-wire, earthed neutral
  • Tariff management: Up to 4 time of use tariffs
  • Power consumption: 0.3 W and 1,7 VA
  • Nominal Voltage (Un) Rated Voltage: 230 VAC
  • Operating range: 0.9Un 1.1Un
  • Border operating range: 115VAC 265VAC
  • Withstand a 440V r.m.s. supply for 48 h: without causing any damage to or degrading of its operating life
  • Basic current Ib, A: 5 or 10
  • Maximum current Imax, : 60 or 80
  • Starting current, 0,004 Ib: 0.020 A for Class 1
  • Accuracy class index: Class 1 or Class 2 meters available
  • Accurate metering range: 0.05 Ib to Imax
  • Meter constant (LED flash rate): 1000 imp/kWh
  • Pulse output: Pulse equipment Class as per EN 62053-31
  • Display with Backlight: LCD
  • Digit height: 9.0 mm
  • Number of characters representing the energy: Up to 8 7 whole characters and Single digit after the decimal point
  • Calendar, clock: Yes
  • Clock course with mains supply at 23C: +/- 0.5 sec/day
  • Storing real time during power failure backup power: Battery Li / MnO2: 5 years storage of meter with no applied voltage.
  • Credit entry mechanism: Keypad; encrypted numbers
  • Encryption algorithms: STS Compliant, Certificate STS 390
  • Applicable specifications: IEC 62052-11, IEC
  • 62053-21, EMSL/MTSO/TTC/2014/011, IEC 62055-31, IEC 62055-41, IEC 62055-51, IEC 62056-21
  • Measurement direction: Forward and reverse energy detection and metering (Credit is decremented in both directions)
  • Operating Environment: Tropical climatic conditions
    • Normal operating mode: from -25C to +55C
    • Border operating mode: from -25C to +55C
    • Storage temperature: from -40C to +70C
    • Humidity: Average annual relative humidity up to 90%
  • Protective class (according to IEC 62052-11): Class ll (double insulated)
  • Degree of protection: IP54
  • Diameter of current inputs / outputs terminals: 9.0 mm
  • Connection scheme: BS 5685
  • Weight, (kg): 0,890

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