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INCOTEX Electronics Group

The development and production of electric meters GC INCOTEX Electronics Group is engaged since 2001. The Company's production facilities are located in Russia, Bulgaria, Germany. We have offices in London, Arab Emirates, Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia.

On today there are more than 20 million meters of our production, including more than 1.5 million with the technology of data transmission over PLC and GSM technology. According to the results of 2014, we occupied 40% of the market for electricity meters in Russia. The most significant objects are: Kazakhstan, Karaganda – 230 000 metering points on the technology stock. Ukraine - 70 000 metering points on the technology stock. Bashkirenergo – 48 000 metering points on the technology stock. Far East distribution grid company – 54 000 metering points on the technology stock. Interregional grid company (MRSK) – 140 000 metering points according to the technology of PLC-GSM. Moscow energy retail company – 50 000 metering points on the technology stock. 48 000 metering points according to the technology of RS-485. 40 000 metering points on GSM technology.

All products manufactured by the company features high quality and reliability, which are determined by innovative technologies, high scientific potential level engineers, modern high-tech production, the use of modern electronic components and multi-stage system of quality control of finished products. The quality management system in all divisions of the Group of Companies INCOTEX Electronics Group is certified for compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2008 and the international standard IQNet ISO 9001-2008, as well as in accordance with the national standards DQS in Germany, CISQ Italy and Spain AENOR. .

All the plants GK INCOTEX Electronics Group is equipped with modern equipment, including laser cutting and welding, with machines for molding, bending, stamping, painting and other equipment. The pride of the company are located in Kaliningrad and Moscow, 19 high-speed SMT mounting lines firms Juki, Fuji and Universal, the overall performance which installed more than 1.5 million components per hour. This is the most powerful production in Russia! All the collected printed circuit boards are quality control in automated installations "Parents", as well as in-circuit testing on specialized testers. Among suppliers of electronic components more than 100 leading global companies such as Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Avnet, ST microelectronics and others.

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